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What to expect and what to bring

If you are new to camping we have a few tips as this type of holidaying is very different to staying in a hotel. Even though we have furnished our yurts to a high standard there’s things that simply cant be avoided such as if it rains the water will seep into the yurt and your belongings will get damp if left on the floor as do the rugs.

Yurt Experience

 Warts and all and what the other yurt sites don’t tell you !!

Camping in a yurt in the can be a relaxing and battery charging experience and most people leave our campsite with fond memories of a totally unique experience.

Both Darren and i want to advise potential customers to remember that even thought the yurts look and are comfortable and warm they are in an open field and there a high possibility that you will see spiders, bugs and mice.

The yurts can be noisy if we experience high winds and rain and that you have to walk to the toilet and share all facilities. You may find that you have to wait to use the showers and bath at busy times.

Three of the yurts dont have electricity, (the French, Balinese and Gothic) this is part of the experience. Phones and laptops can be charged in the cabin or our house.

The cooking facilities consist of a woodburning stove, camping burner and BBQs, so is you wish to bring or cook stews or pizzas then we are happy to heat in our oven at home and bring down to you.

We strongly advise that if you haven’t been camping before then December and January is not the best time to start. Please remember that even though the yurts reach high temperatures when the wood burner is going it will be cold in the morning when you wake up.  The woodburners take around 30 to 45 minutes to heat the yurt up.

Inside the yurt is quite dark as they are a tent consisting of five layers of insulation which when wet can have quite a pungent aroma. If we experience high rainfall then the yurts may leak in places sometimes the rain seeps in from under the tent and creeps along the floor so its advisable to keep belongings off the floor. Very occasionally the rain will drive through the sides and roof of the yurt. We experience extreme weather conditions here in Lincoln and have no control of what weather conditions you will encounter here so if you decide to camp from November through to March theres a high likelihood that we won’t get 85 degrees of sunshine. Please make sure you bring good quality warm and waterproof clothing as you are going to need it.

We are based on a working farm and share it with lots of horses four of which are not well behaved and are very inquisitive …. they are the little pot bellied ones and do tend to roam into the yurt fields. They are exceptionally friendly and on occasion will even roll over on their backs to have their bellies tickled. Horses are vegetarians and feeding them anything other than the odd carrot will make them ill so please be aware not to leave sausages on the BBQ as due to their lack of brain cells they will eat anything placed in front of them.

The fence surrounding the horses has a low electric current passing through it. Its not dangerous to either humans or the horses it just keeps us from them. If you do accidentally touch the fence it feels like being pinched. If you are holidaying with children please make them aware that this will happen.

At the entrance to the farm you will see machinery and the odd hay bail laid around. Please can you keep small children away from this area.

If arriving by car we have a car park at the top of the site. On arrival Darren or Katherine will help you down with your luggage, please don’t struggle as it is about a two minute walk to your yurt and we are here to help.

On the day of your arrival Darren will contact you to ask your time of arrival as so he can light and warm the yurt for you, we ask that you could contact or text him an hour before you arrive so that this is done for you.

Whats inside each yurt

Bedding and pillows.

Single gas stove and a canister of gas.

Kettle (not electric).

Water carrier.

wood for the log burner and firelighters.

Woodburning stove.

Cutlery, crockery, flasks, pans,wine glasses and tumblers can be found in the cabin.

Tomato ketchup, brown sauce, oil, salt, teas, coffees and sugar.


Campbeds and sleeping bags on request. (we have a limited number available so please request and have confirmation before your stay).

Board games.

Candles and lighter.

BBQ outside the yurt on hardstanding.

Fire pits can be hired for £5.00

Hot water bottles on request.


What to bring

Wellies or good waterproof boots

Torch and batteries.


Baby wipes.

Warm Waterproof coat.

Lighter or Matches.

Coals for the BBQ.

Beer and Wine.

washing up liquid and tea towels.